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Service Suite

for the 3D Internet.

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to create an interoperable open metaverse.

Our mission is to create an open metaverse that fosters seamless interaction between virtual worlds. We focus on innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure interoperability among diverse metaverses, allowing users to explore and connect in a unified digital landscape.

How it Works


World Creation

Get started by crafting your own virtual worlds effortlessly using our user-friendly creator tool, Void Craft. Alternatively, seamlessly integrate our plugin into your existing Unreal engine project for a smooth building experience.


Virtual Land Selection

Choose the ideal virtual land parcel to deploy your unique experiences, then either subscribe to it or make a purchase. Upload a display mesh that will be showcased on the virtual land within the metaverse city, allowing users to interact with the model and seamlessly teleport to your captivating experiences.


Experience Deployment

Effortlessly upload your Unreal Engine package build with our plugin installed through our user-friendly dashboard. Alternatively, if you create experiences with our creator tool, you can directly deploy them from the dashboard with ease.


Go Live & Monetise

After deploying your experience, users can visit your land and seamlessly teleport to your virtual world. It's time to start monetizing your captivating content and unlock its full potential.

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