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Revenue Streams for Land Owners


As landholders within our platform, you hold the keys to a multitude of revenue streams, presenting lucrative opportunities to generate income from your virtual land. Landholders are users who possess virtual land within the platform. They may have ownership on a permanent basis, acquired through outright purchase, or on a temporary basis through subscription models. By participating in our vibrant community, you contribute to the growth and success of the platform while exploring various avenues to monetize your virtual assets.

Engagement Payouts

At our platform, we are proud to declare that we do not charge any royalties on the sale of assets by landowners within their virtual worlds. We firmly believe in empowering our creators to fully benefit from their creativity and commercial activities. By waiving royalties, we encourage a thriving ecosystem where content creators can explore innovative concepts, build profitable businesses, and share their unique visions without any financial barriers. This commitment to a tax-free and royalty-free environment underscores our dedication to fostering a dynamic and supportive metaverse community, where each contributor's success is celebrated and rewarded.

Letting Out 

Engagement payouts are a unique feature within our platform that incentivizes content creators and land owners to foster engaging and immersive experiences. Under this program, 40% of the revenue generated from in-game asset sales of the overall platform is shared with land owners based on the engagement metrics of their virtual lands. Factors such as player retention, views, and playtime contribute to the calculation of payouts, rewarding land owners who create captivating content that attracts and retains users within the metaverse.

Royalty Free In-Land Sales

Landholders within our platform have a lucrative opportunity to earn revenue by letting out their virtual property to other users. By enabling others to rent their land parcels to deploy their content, landholders can create a steady income stream while contributing to the dynamic ecosystem of our metaverse.

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