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In the rapidly evolving metaverse, achieving seamless data exchange and understanding between virtual worlds is a key challenge. Our platform is dedicated to solving this challenge through a set of cutting-edge standards that ensure Semantic Interoperability. By embracing open standards, metadata standardization, and semantic web technologies, we facilitate the cohesive exchange of data across diverse virtual environments.

By fostering Semantic Interoperability, our platform allows developers and users to seamlessly interact and share information across diverse virtual environments. Through our Software Development Kit (SDK), APIs, and Frontend, data exchange becomes effortless, supporting a unified and immersive user experience throughout the metaverse. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of the metaverse's capabilities, embracing innovative technologies, and shaping a future where interoperability is at the forefront of the virtual landscape.

Standards Ensuring

Semantic Interoperability


Data Exchange

Through our SDK, APIs, and Frontend, data exchange among metaverses becomes seamless. Our powerful tools facilitate the exchange of essential data, such as usernames, player settings, and last saved locations, between virtual worlds. This continuous sharing of information provides context to the user's experience and ensures persistence throughout their metaverse journey. With our technology, users can navigate between different virtual environments effortlessly, enjoying a connected and immersive experience like never before.


Persistence Identity

We take pride in offering an Persistent Identity solution, made possible through our esteemed partnership with Ready Player Me. This innovative feature guarantees that users maintain a consistent identity across all virtual worlds, regardless of where they venture. Once a player logs in and selects their avatar, there is no need to reset it every time they explore a new world. The user's avatar information is seamlessly shared with each world they visit, facilitated by our advanced Software Development Kit (SDK).


Interoperable Smart Objects

Our SDK empowers developers creating their own metaverses to achieve seamless interoperability of smart objects, ensuring they have relevance in their unique experiences. These smart objects, such as vehicles, weapons, special skills, and more, are integrated into the SDK as Classes. Developers have the flexibility to access and implement these Classes based on their specific preferences and requirements.


Interoperable 3D Assets

GLB/GLTF formats enable seamless interoperability of 3D assets. This revolutionary format allows users to import their assets into their virtual worlds, regardless of the platform from which they have acquired those assets maybe on chain or off chain. With GLB/GLTF, developers and users alike can effortlessly integrate 3D assets into their metaverse experiences, fostering a diverse and vibrant ecosystem of content. This open standard empowers creativity and collaboration, as it eliminates barriers to sharing and utilizing 3D assets across different platforms and virtual environments.

Our Promise

We pledge to create a premier online destination for the next gen consumers.

Our mission is to establish a groundbreaking platform that fosters an open and interconnected metaverse. We envision a digital landscape where diverse virtual worlds seamlessly merge, empowering users to explore, interact, and create without boundaries. By embracing the principles of interoperability, we aim to unite these individual experiences into a unified and cohesive metaverse. Our platform provides a vibrant ecosystem where developers, artists, and users can collaborate, monetize their creations, and shape the future of the metaverse together. Through this innovative approach, we seek to revolutionize digital experiences and pave the way for a new era of boundless creativity, exploration, and connectivity within the metaverse.

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