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Infinity Void Releases New Roadmap

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Phase 1: Minimum Viable Product

Tentative Date of Completion: Q3, 2023

Introduction: What is the definition of our minimum viable product?

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the Infinity Void platform represents a crucial stage in its development, encompassing the integration of core functionalities that lay the foundation for a robust metaverse experience. The MVP serves as the initial version of the platform, designed to provide users with a comprehensive and functional environment while continuously evolving based on user feedback and emerging requirements.

Core Functionalities of the Infinity Void MVP:

  1. Sector A2 of the Metaverse: The MVP will introduce users to Sector A2, an immersive and captivating part of the metaverse, setting the stage for an expansive virtual landscape.

  2. Infinity Void SDK for Unreal Engine 5: Our platform enables users to develop captivating experiences on their land using the Infinity Void Software Development Kit (SDK) tailored for Unreal Engine 5. This SDK empowers creators with advanced tools and resources to build rich and interactive virtual content.

  3. Infinity Void Creator Tool (Void Craft): The Infinity Void Creator Tool complements the SDK, offering an intuitive and user-friendly interface for crafting experiences on their allocated land, simplifying the development process.

  4. Dashboard for Account and Inventory Management: The MVP incorporates a centralized dashboard that allows users to efficiently manage their accounts and inventory. Through this dashboard, users can track their activities, assets, and interactions within the metaverse.

  5. Land Acquisition: Users will have the ability to purchase land within Sector A2, securing ownership over virtual real estate and unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and interaction.

  6. Land Subscription: In addition to ownership, the MVP will enable users to subscribe to specific land areas, granting access to curated experiences and opportunities for engaging with others.

  7. Real-Time Communication (Text Chat & Voice Chat): Seamless communication is vital to the metaverse experience. The MVP will feature real-time text chat and voice chat functionalities, fostering social interactions and collaborative gameplay.

  8. Multiplayer Experience: Users will have the opportunity to engage in multiplayer activities, fostering a vibrant community within Sector A2 and enhancing the overall sense of immersion.

  9. Avatar Customization and Selection: The MVP will provide users with a range of avatar customization options, allowing them to personalize their virtual identities and express themselves authentically in the metaverse.

  10. Interactive Map: The MVP will incorporate an interactive map, providing users with a comprehensive overview of Sector A2. This map will allow users to explore different areas, discover experiences, and locate points of interest within the metaverse, enhancing navigation and overall user experience.

Note: The scope of the MVP is subject to refinements and iterations based on the development team’s progress and market analysis.

The successful integration of these core functionalities represents a pivotal milestone for the Infinity Void platform. As we move forward, we will continually gather user feedback, analyze user behavior, and adapt to changing trends to enhance the platform’s features and expand its offerings, all while maintaining a seamless and immersive metaverse experience.

What’s next: What comes after the completion of Phase 1? Following the successful completion of Phase 1, our development team will be poised to advance toward Phase 2: Activation (explained ahead). During the transition period from Phase 1 to Phase 2, our business development, marketing, outreach, and brand partnerships teams will lay the foundation for strategic outreach initiatives. Leveraging our Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we will engage potential partners through product demos, showcasing the platform’s capabilities and outlining its ecosystem pipeline. The primary focus during this transition period will be on fostering collaborations in key market segments:

  • Partnering with Metaverse Development Agencies: During the transition to Phase 2, we will actively seek partnerships with Metaverse development agencies, demonstrating the unparalleled benefits of creating their customers’ Metaverse projects within the Infinity Void platform. By showcasing our feature-rich environment, cost benefits, and user-friendly tools, we aim to forge strong alliances with agencies that share our vision for a dynamic and interconnected metaverse.

  • Collaborating with Metaverse-Based NFT Projects: During the transition to Phase 2, we will collaborate with metaverse builders utilizing Unreal Engine 5, providing them with a platform to host their metaverse experiences within Infinity Void Land Parcels. This collaboration will enhance the accessibility, interoperability, and user engagement within their metaverse realms, driving mutual growth for both parties involved.

  • Showcasing Benefits to Indie Game Developers/Studios: Another key market segment we will focus on during this period is indie game developers and studios. We will highlight the manifold benefits of creating and hosting content on Infinity Void Land Parcels, empowering them with the tools and resources to unleash their creativity and reach a broader audience within our metaverse ecosystem.

  • Collaborating with Influential 3D Content Creators: We recognize the significance of engaging with influential creators in the Unreal Engine community. To augment our outreach efforts and showcase the Infinity Void platform to a broader audience, we will collaborate with YouTube artists who specialize in Unreal Engine content creation. These talented artists possess a dedicated following of enthusiasts eager to explore innovative technologies and immersive experiences.

Note: The timeline for the transition period to Phase 2 will be meticulously managed, accounting for market dynamics and development progress.

Phase 2: Activation

Enhancing User Engagement and Monetization

Introduction: What do you mean by activation?

As we enter Phase 2, Activation, we anticipate a growing community of content creators and an influx of traffic to the Infinity Void platform. To ensure sustained user engagement and foster a thriving ecosystem, we will introduce various in-game assets for sale, providing users with exciting opportunities to enhance their virtual experiences. Additionally, we will partner with marketing agencies to introduce in-game advertisements, thereby creating a vibrant and immersive metaverse environment. Furthermore, we aim to empower content creators by providing them with a dedicated listing dashboard to sell their 3D content, promoting creativity, accessibility, and convenience within our platform.

1. Introduction of In-Game Assets for Sale:

During this phase, we will offer a range of in-game assets available for purchase using our native currency, $Fin. These assets will include:

  • Custom Avatars & Outfits: Users can personalize their virtual identities with unique avatars and outfits, expressing their individuality within the metaverse.

  • Vehicles: The introduction of vehicles will provide users with new means of exploration and interaction within the expansive virtual world.

  • Unique Names: Users will have the opportunity to acquire distinctive and coveted in-game names, adding a sense of exclusivity to their presence.

  • Buildings: We will offer a diverse selection of buildings, allowing users to create and customize their virtual properties and spaces.

  • Premium Member Subscriptions: Premium subscriptions will unlock exclusive features, privileges, and benefits, enhancing the overall user experience.

2. Custom Marketplace Development:

To facilitate the seamless exchange of in-game assets, we will develop a dedicated custom marketplace within the Infinity Void platform. Users will be able to conveniently browse, buy, and sell assets using $Fin, ensuring a thriving and interconnected economy.

3. Partnership with Marketing Agencies:

During Phase 2, we will collaborate with marketing agencies seeking to advertise within our platform. By leveraging the data gathered from user traffic and interactions, we can provide targeted and relevant in-game advertisements that enhance user engagement without compromising the immersive experience.

4. Empowering Content Creators with a Listing Dashboard:

To foster a dynamic content creation community, we will introduce a comprehensive listing dashboard for content creators. This dashboard will allow creators to:

  • Instant Rewards: Content creators can choose to receive instant rewards by uploading their 3D content directly to our marketplace.

  • List for Sale: Alternatively, creators can list their 3D models, environments, and props for sale, enabling them to monetize their creations while waiting for interested buyers.

Rewards for content creators will be provided in $Fin, our native currency, which can later be withdrawn in fiat during Phase 3. The content provided by these creators will help developers build their experiences at a faster pace.


Phase 2, Activation, is a significant milestone in our journey towards building a thriving and immersive metaverse ecosystem. By introducing a diverse range of in-game assets, partnering with marketing agencies for relevant in-game advertisements, and empowering content creators with a listing dashboard, we aim to keep our users engaged, inspired, and rewarded within the Infinity Void platform. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to fostering a community-driven metaverse, where creativity, accessibility, and user satisfaction are at the forefront of our vision.

Note: The implementation of Phase 2 initiatives will be carefully planned and executed, considering user feedback and market dynamics for optimal impact.

Phase 3: Scaling

Introducing Creator Program and Engagement Payouts

In Phase 3, our primary focus is on scaling the user base and content creation within the Infinity Void platform. To achieve this objective, we will introduce various programs designed to empower and incentivize content creators while fostering a vibrant and engaging metaverse community.

1. Creator Program: Empowering Content Creators

Under Phase 3, we will launch the Creator Program, allowing aspiring creators to register on our platform and unleash their creative potential. Upon successful registration, creators will be designated with a unique “Creator” badge, symbolizing their esteemed status within the community. To facilitate payouts, creators will be required to link their bank details to receive rewards and incentives from Infinity Void.

2. Withdrawal of $Fin into Fiat: Empowering Content Creators Financially

To empower content creators financially, we will enable the withdrawal of $Fin, our native currency, into fiat at a specified exchange rate. Creators can choose to transfer their earnings to their bank accounts, credit/debit cards, or digital wallets, providing them with flexible and convenient options for accessing their rewards.

3. Engagement Payouts: Incentivizing High-Engagement Content

The introduction of the Engagement Payouts program will significantly enhance content creation and user engagement on our platform. As part of this system, 40% of the revenue generated by Infinity Void from in-game asset sales will be shared with deserving content creators. The payout distribution will be based on the engagement metrics of their land parcels, including player retention, views, and playtime. Developers and landholders who contribute to attracting and engaging users within the ecosystem will receive a proportional share of the engagement payouts.

The objective of Engagement Payouts:

  • Promote Quality Content: By incentivizing high-engagement content, we encourage creators to develop compelling and immersive experiences that captivate users within the metaverse.

  • Reward Engagement: We value the contribution of developers and landholders in fostering a thriving community. The engagement payouts recognize their efforts and provide them with financial rewards for their positive impact.

  • Drive Growth: The program’s focus on engagement-driven rewards will foster healthy competition, leading to an increase in user-generated content and overall platform growth.


Phase 3 is a pivotal stage in our journey to establish Infinity Void as a leading metaverse platform. By launching the Creator Program, enabling fiat withdrawals, and implementing the Engagement Payouts system, we aim to empower content creators financially and foster a dynamic and engaging ecosystem. These initiatives reflect our commitment to nurturing a community-driven metaverse where creativity is rewarded, and user satisfaction remains at the core of our mission.


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