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Revenue Streams for Platform


Our platform generates revenue from in-game advertisements, premium user subscriptions, virtual land parcels, and in-game assets. These diverse streams support our growth and enhance user experiences.

In-Game Advertisements

Our platform generates revenue through various microtransactions, which encompass the sale of custom skins, vehicles, unique names, and passes. These transactions unlock exclusive content and privileges within our interconnected network of metaverses, providing users with enhanced and personalized experiences. By offering these sought-after items, we create a sustainable and dynamic revenue stream that supports the continuous development and expansion of our platform. These microtransactions not only enrich the metaverse but also provide users with valuable opportunities for self-expression and exploration within our vibrant virtual ecosystem.

Premium User Subscription

Users can purchase land parcels outright or opt to rent them, generating revenue for the platform through sales transactions and ongoing rental fees. The demand for virtual land is driven by the need for hosting content within our interoperable metaverse network.

Selling or Letting Virtual Land Parcel

In-game advertisement serves as a significant revenue stream for our platform. By collaborating with marketing agencies and brands, we offer targeted and relevant advertisements seamlessly integrated into the virtual experiences of our users. These advertisements are strategically placed within the metaverse, ensuring they do not disrupt the overall gameplay or user engagement.

In-Game Purchases

Our platform offers a premium user subscription as a valuable revenue stream, providing enhanced benefits and exclusive features to subscribers. With this subscription, users gain access to a range of premium services and privileges, enriching their overall metaverse experience.

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