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Platform for Open & Interconnected Metaverses

We empower content creators to create engaging content to make our singular virtual city the premier online destination for the next generation of consumers.

What We Provide 


Open Source Creator Toolkit

We offer multiple methods to create your virtual world, including our own creator toolkit and a plugin for Unreal Engine.


Hosting via Virtual Land

We seamlessly distribute your virtual world globally via 3D cloud distribution technology (pixel streaming) at no additional cost. All you need to do is deploy your experience on virtual land parcels inside the singular metaverse city.


Instant Multiplayer Experience

With our SDK, you can effortlessly transform your virtual world into a scalable multiplayer experience without any coding required.


Real Time Communication

Indulge in the convenience of our scalable real-time voice chat and text chat features for your virtual environment, all without the need for any coding.


3D Website Builder

Our creator tool also functions as a free, no-code  3D Website Builder. You could create interactive experiences and share them with others via a link.  You could even embed the experience into your website.


Cross Platform Support

Create your builds only for Windows while we manage to distribute them to all devices (mobiles, PCs, tablets)


Increased Visiblity for your Experience

All experiences exist in the same shared virtual environment. Our platform has multiple entry nodes which means incoming traffic from different experiences thereby increasing your visibility. This is the power of collective action. The growth of one leads to the growth of all.


On-Chain Monetisation

Utilize our Intuitive Dashboard to Tokenize and Monetize Your 3D Internet Content Effortlessly. Your content will be fully verifiable on the blockchain.


Robust Creator Economy

We provide access to our creator economy free of cost. Instantly monetize your artistic vision or your gaming skills.


Platform as a service for 3D Internet

We offer the platform for building and deploying the interoperable 3D internet. We empower content creators to focus on creativity while we manage the rest.

Understand Our Creator Economy 3.0

Revenue Streams for Land Owners


Discover lucrative revenue streams as a land owner in our metaverse. Monetize your virtual properties and assets, and thrive in our interconnected ecosystem.

Revenue Streams for Artists


Explore profitable revenue streams as an artist in our metaverse. Sell your custom avatars, vehicles, and 3D assets to a wide audience, in a tokenized form.

Maximize your potential as a developer in our metaverse. Monetize your code, VFX creations, and plugins with ease. Join our platform and unlock rewarding revenue streams.


Revenue Streams for Developers

Revenue Streams for Our Platform


Discover how the platform intends to generate revenue while developing a human-first and a user-centric metaverse platform.


Our Core Principles

Our core principles serve as the guiding values and beliefs that underpin everything we do within our platform. 


Persistency Among Worlds

Persistency refers to the ability to maintain consistent and coherent information and attributes like identity, preferences, and data as users navigate and interact within the digital landscape of the metaverse. In traditional virtual environments, each experience or world operates in isolation, leading to disjointed user experiences and limited transferability of data between different platforms. However, in the context of Infinity Void Metaverse, we have introduced the concept of persistency to bridge this gap and create a unified, seamless, and user-centric environment.


Global Cross Platform Accessibility

At our platform, we are committed to achieving globally cross-platform accessibility, ensuring that users can access and experience our virtual worlds on a multitude of devices via browser, irrespective of their operating systems or hardware.


Singular Metaverse City

At our core, we are dedicated to building a singular metaverse city—a virtual hub that will transcend boundaries and connect an infinite array of virtual worlds. We plan to create a seamless, cohesive ecosystem where users can navigate effortlessly between diverse digital environments, unleashing boundless opportunities for exploration, collaboration, and creativity.

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