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Building the future of 3d web


What is Infinity Void?

We empower creative individuals and communities to shape the future of the internet. We offer powerful tools and services to help you build and explore 3D online worlds. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to create and interact in the immersive web.

Service Suite for the 3D Internet

Our Solutions

Metaverse-Platform-as-a-Service (maas)

Infinity Void's Metaverse platform is an open world city divided into Virtual Land Parcels. Users can acquire these parcels to create and customize their own immersive experiences. Our easy-to-use development tools empower everyone to shape their digital environments, fostering a vibrant community of creators.

Pixel Streaming Solution

Infinity Void provides a pixel streaming solution for Unreal Engine applications called Streampixel. This service allows developers to stream their apps directly to users over the web, making high-quality 3D experiences accessible without needing powerful hardware. Our solution is the most affordable option available, making it easy for everyone to enjoy immersive content online.

Prompt Based Environment Generator

Genesis 3D is an advanced tool by Infinity Void that allows users to create complete 3D environments and layouts simply by using text descriptions. Just describe what you want, and our AI will generate detailed, interactive 3D scenes for you. This makes it incredibly easy for anyone to design virtual spaces, no technical skills needed.

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