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Featured Experiences

Explore some of the featured experiences on Infinity Void Platform.


UGC Platform for 3d creators.


Where Creators Thrive,

Explorers Embark.

Our mission is to empower creative individuals and communities to shape the digital frontier. We provide a dynamic, open-world city where users can craft, share, and explore a vast array of digital experiences.

What We Provide 


Open Source Creator Toolkit

We offer multiple methods to create your virtual world, including our own creator toolkit and a plugin for Unreal Engine.


Application distribution

Virtual worlds globally distributed via 3D cloud tech at no extra cost. Deploy in the metaverse city on virtual land.


Instant Multiplayer Experience

Transform your virtual world into a multiplayer experience, no coding needed. Platform auto-build and deploy servers on application launch.


Real Time Communication

Get out-of-the-box text and voice chat features integrated automatically into your application without the need for coding.


3D Website Builder

Our creator tool is a free, no-code 3D website builder. Create interactive experiences and easily share them via links.


Increased Visibility

All experiences share a common virtual environment with multiple entry points, enhancing visibility. It's the power of collective growth.


On-Chain Monetisation

Utilize our Intuitive Dashboard to Tokenize and Monetize Your 3D Internet Content Effortlessly. Your content will be fully verifiable on the blockchain.


Platform as a service for 3D Internet

Infinity Void is your go-to solution for user-generated content in an open-world city. Create games, interactive social spaces, and events with ease. Foster community connections, all with web-based content distribution. Unleash your creativity and explore immersive digital experiences with us.

Understand Our Creator Economy 3.0

Revenue Streams for Land Owners


Discover lucrative revenue streams as a land owner in our metaverse. Monetize your virtual properties and assets, and thrive in our interconnected ecosystem.

Revenue Streams for Artists


Explore profitable revenue streams as an artist in our metaverse. Sell your custom avatars, vehicles, and 3D assets to a wide audience, in a tokenized form.

Maximize your potential as a developer in our metaverse. Monetize your code, VFX creations, and plugins with ease. Join our platform and unlock rewarding revenue streams.


Revenue Streams for Developers

Revenue Streams for Our Platform


Discover how the platform intends to generate revenue while developing a human-first and a user-centric metaverse platform.


Our Core Principles

Our core principles serve as the guiding values and beliefs that underpin everything we do within our platform. 


High-Quality Content Ecosystem

Discover the power of our vibrant creative community, where quality reigns supreme. We're committed to providing a platform where content creators can shine. Our users appreciate and engage with top-tier content, and we're here to make sure they always have access to the best. Join our dynamic community and see why our content is the heart and soul of Infinity Void.


Technological Innovation

At Infinity Void, we believe in the relentless pursuit of innovation. We continually invest in cutting-edge technology, staying at the forefront of industry trends to deliver an exceptional user experience. Our commitment to technological excellence ensures that you get to enjoy the latest and greatest features in the digital world. Explore our ever-evolving platform and experience the future today.


Diversified Monetization

At Infinity Void, we've crafted a unique and dynamic monetization model designed to empower content creators. Our platform offers a multifaceted approach to reward creators and ensure their content receives the recognition it deserves.

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