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New Delhi, August 4, 2023 - Infinity Void, a pioneering metaverse platform, is spearheading the transformation of the 3D internet by establishing an open and interconnected network of metaverses. Differentiating itself from conventional experiences, Infinity Void empowers users to construct their virtual worlds using unrestricted open-source software. Joining this visionary venture, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, a trailblazer in digital banking, is set to be an integral part of this revolutionary interconnected network, as it launches its own Ujjivan Metaverse.

Infinity Void's groundbreaking platform redefines metaverse creation, allowing users to shape unique virtual realms. Its open metaverse architecture facilitates seamless interactions, collaborations, and experiences across diverse interconnected virtual environments.

The meticulously crafted Ujjivan Metaverse, developed by Infinity Void's proficient studio team, is poised to become one of the primary metaverses integrated into this open network. Ujjivan Small Finance Bank's customers will not only access their bank's virtual world but also explore other interconnected metaverses within the Infinity Void platform. This pioneering approach offers users an immersive and dynamic experience, transcending the boundaries of individual virtual environments.

The Ujjivan Metaverse Virtual Branch will feature a plethora of innovative features, including:

  1. Gamification Elements: Users will be immersed in interactive and engaging gamification elements within the Virtual Branch, enhancing their banking experience with challenges, rewards, and a touch of fun. For instance, Financial Simulation Games: Develop educational financial simulation games that allow users to learn about real-world financial scenarios and make decisions in a risk-free environment.

  2. AI-Powered NPCs: Specially trained AI-powered Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) will be available to assist users with high-frequency questions, providing real-time and accurate responses to enhance customer support.

  3. Bank's Latest Product Offerings: The Virtual Branch will showcase Ujjivan Small Finance Bank's latest financial products and services, allowing users to explore and access a diverse range of offerings conveniently.

  4. Collaborative Spaces: Create collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs and small businesses to interact and discuss financial strategies, fostering a sense of community and support.

  5. Interactive Product Demos: Provide interactive demos of new financial products, services, and investment opportunities, helping users make informed decisions.

At the core of Infinity Void's platform lies the bustling Vaikunth City, where users have the unique opportunity to lease or purchase virtual land parcels, serving as gateways to connect their own metaverses. This city serves as the base layer for the open metaverse network, fostering an environment where users can collaboratively build upon this foundation. This innovative feature facilitates seamless data exchange and user flow between interconnected virtual worlds, delivering an unparalleled and collaborative metaverse experience.

Mr. Shrenik Jain, CEO of Infinity Void, expressed his enthusiasm about the transformative potential of this interconnected metaverse network, stating,

"Infinity Void empowers creators to unleash their imaginations and build personalized open and interconnected metaverses. We extend a warm welcome to Ujjivan Small Finance Bank to our ecosystem, as we collectively redefine the possibilities of the metaverse."

This landmark collaboration between Infinity Void and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank marks a defining moment in the evolution of the metaverse, driving innovation and creating new horizons for users to explore and interact within a seamless and interconnected virtual world.

About Infinity Void:

Infinity Void is a pioneering metaverse platform that empowers users to create unique virtual experiences and interconnected worlds. Providing an open and collaborative platform, Infinity Void redefines the boundaries of virtual reality and fosters a dynamic ecosystem of metaverse experiences.

About Ujjivan Small Finance Bank:

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is a leading small finance bank in India, offering a comprehensive range of financial products and services to its customers. The bank is committed to financial inclusion and aims to provide accessible and affordable banking solutions to individuals and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) across the country.

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