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The Core Team

Real Estate,  Architecture, Blockchain, VFX ... you name them we have them.

Shrenik Jain (Founder & CEO)


Shrenik is one of the youngest entrepreneur who was recently nominated by the Entrepreneur Magazine. Being from a commerce and tech background Shrenik previously ran few successful startups and also successfully transacted high value deals with international firms for the associate company of Vardhman Plazas. 

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Vardhman Jain (President)
Vardhman Jain


Vardhman brings wealth of experience and vision in Engineering with tech, finance, marketing strategy and hyper growth  in association with Vardhman Plazas. Being a part of many start-up enables him to tackle tasks rapidly and competently with experience in management and community growth. Amazed by Web 3 Technology he aims to push metaverse experiences to the new limits.

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Charve Jain (President- Urban Planning & Architecutre)
Charve Jain


Charve is an urban planner who has helped the government design various  cities.  Having keen interest in developing high tech green cities, Two times gold medal awardee Charve brings a wealth of experience in designing the city architecutre and the plans of the metaverse.

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Shrikant Saini (Project Manager)
Shrikant Saini


(Ex-Technicolor) With more than 15 years of experience in the game development and VFX industry, Shrikant brings a wealth of experience in overall development of the metaverse. Having worked with various companies enables him to look and supervise pipeline ranging from modelling, texturing to programming. 

Yuvraj Singh (Lead Developer)
Yuvraj Singh


With more than 8 years of experience in developing scalable IT infrastructure. Yuvraj is fascinated by blockchain technology, Yuvraj has developed various Dapps along with React based web applications. From developing complex ERPs to Dapps he knows it all.

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